Do you like it? I made it in Adelaide. It is quite funny actually. I was about to hop on a kyake. And there was a mask (this one) i picked it up and put in my bag. When i got back to my hotel i sat by he pool and watched the children playing a game. They all had different coloured t-shirts. So i used those colours to create this. But i need to add a little more colour to it in different areas. Bye  

Short story 

I wanted to share a story and get your opinion on it, this story is short. It will hopefully leave you hanging and if you guys like it and want to hear different ones or continue this story let me know in the comments. 

As i was moving towards the house (which no one dared to go near) .  My parents and other fellow neighbours told me to go nowhere near the house. I felt a shiver run up my spine. I was becoming colder by the minute. And every time i moved closer i felt like i was choking.The house was changing form. I had frostbite. I cracked my knuckles and, my fingers fell of. …… 

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I have just been to Noosa over the christmas holidays and it is truly amazing. Relaxing. And the holiday house i stayed at was beautiful. The water glistened. And i had the perfect view of the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. 

Here are a few photos of what the place looks like:

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